Bishop Bradford’s short-1Bishop Nelson Bradford

Bishop Nelson Bradford started St. James Holiness Church of America on St. James road in Lee County, South Carolina two years before the Great Depression ended in 1939. He was well known for his message of repentance, water baptism in Jesus name and tarrying for the gift of the Holy Ghost. Bishop Bradford, Bishop J. W. Mason, Bishop Livingston and Bishop Patterson who was an anointed guitarist was among the outstanding leaders of the Southern District Convocation. Bishop Bradford and his wife Missionary Lois was well known for having unscheduled prayer, feeding and lodging neighborhood children and guest speakers from out of town.

Many family members and other pastors was instrumental In keeping the doors of the church open. To mention a few, Pastor Macklin, Bishop Robert Lee Missouri, Bishop Bradford’s son Deacon Samson Bradford who traveled as far as Florence, South Carolina to transport members to church. His daughter then, Pastor Maude Albert founder and Senior Pastor of Mt. Sinai Deliverance Church of the Apostolic faith in Flint, Michigan and her husband Elder Wilson Albert traveled from Augusta, Georgia each week to attend service at St James before relocating to Michigan. Early on in life Bishop Bradford personally told his daughter Maude that he wanted her to take the church and make something wonderful out of it. Before Deacon Bradford made his transition from earth in 1988 he placed the church’s legal documents into the hands of his daughter Eliza Bracey and told her to ensure that his sister Maude got them. He told his sister Maude that he had documents from their father that he was instructed to give to her before their father passed way in 1968.

Bishop Bradford’s short-2In 1992 Founder and Senior Pastor Maude Albert sent her daughter and husband then, Deacon and Evangelist Day to Camden, South Carolina where they were installed as the pastors of St. James. On August twenty eighth 1992 the name of the ministry was changed to, St. James Deliverance Pentecostal Assembly of the Apostolic Faith. The ministry is now located at 1623 Marion Street Columbia, South Carolina 29201.